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A collection of some of my best nature and travel photography. All pictures taken on a Canon PowerShot A640.
All images (c) Kira Tregoning 2013-2018.
Moth on pink dahlia
Orange dahlia
Moth on dahlia
Pink dahlia
Garden in sunlight
Bee on yellow dahlia
Bee and Yellow Dahlia
Large Rose
Covered gardens
Eagle stare
Eagle pose
Rock Waves - Antelope Canyon
Rainbow - Antelope Canyon
Fire Rocks - Antelope Canyon
Piercing Sunlight - Antelope Canyon
Curve - Antelope Canyon
Brushed Light - Antelope Canyon
Orange and Yellow - Antelope Canyon
Sunset - Antelope Canyon
Eagle - Antelope Canyon
Gentle Light - Antelope Canyon
Grand Canyon fog
Grand Canyon in Gray
Sunlight on Rock
Sunlight on Rock (zoom)
Afternoon Rainbow
Slice of Rainbow
Circle of Sun
Bee on flower
Sunflower fields in Maryland
Sunflower fields in Maryland
Sunflower fields in Maryland
Slideshow of images.
To see a close-up of an image, click on it to enlarge.

Not retouched or altered. Taken with Canon PowerShot A640. (c) Kira Tregoning 2013-2018.

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