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Access Your Facebook Archive

Do you know how to access your Facebook archive? You can see all of the data Facebook has stored from your account, including what you've posted, what you've sent over Facebook Messenger, and the information you've included on your profile.

To do this, you will want to access Facebook from your computer rather than mobile.

First, go to your Settings. Below the general information section in the center is a link reading "Download a copy of your Facebook data." Click there.

This will open a new screen. You will be asked for your Facebook password to confirm that it's you and that you do want to download your data. Once you've followed the prompts, Facebook will send you an email confirming the request, and then another email when your archive is ready to be downloaded.

Once downloaded, you can peruse at your leisure your entire Facebook history - messages, friend requests, blocked contacts, and so much more.

Should you find something there that you do not like, you may want to tweak your privacy settings further.


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