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Project 01


Project 01: Social Media Management
  • Operation and updating of business Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram, Tumblr, and more.

  • Writing original content as well as reporting or sharing content to foster networking among users of each media type.

  • Maintainance of website updates

  • Advising on website design

  • Writing weekly emails

  • Writing newsletters


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Project 02


Project 02: Wholistic Woman Retreats

Crossing the Veil, LLC is a small business located in Waldorf, MD. For this business, I

  • Operate and update the website through

  • Update Facebook and Twitter

  • Developing email marketing for using MailChimp

  • Create marketing images and brochures, some of which are included in the slideshow to the left


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Project 03: Fantastical Reads blog

This blog is operated through


As of September 2015, the blog has had:

  • Almost 11,000 unique page views,

  • 123 posts, and



Images of the blog can be seen in the slideshow to the left (please note that some have been zoomed out to display more of the blog; click to zoom in).

Project 03


Project 04


Project 04: Kira Tregoning, Author

I am an author as well. For this endeavor, I operate my own website, email newsletter, and social media sites.


As of September 2015, my website has:

  • 309 subscribers

  • 1,378 unique page views, and

  • 45 posts.


The email newsletter is a new feature and its subscriber list is growing daily.

Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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